Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finished Poster

Shaping an idea / concept


Stage 1

Collect and Select

Use images and words or phrases to determine an idea, theme

Collect – open mind – subconscious

  1. Select – edit – three grouping – general ideas
  2. Revisit – Collect – add to collections
  3. Verbalize – add words to each collection



Stage 2

Develop the idea / mood

Using colour, texture, patterns, lines and brushes

  1. Use three colours to create a colour scheme
  2. Determine the mood of colours dark /light, bright/subdue etc.
  3. Lines determine sight lines – static dynamic
  4. Textures, patterns, brushes help to create rhythm





Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Collect And Select


  1. Open Mind (Don't Edit)
  2. More is Better (More Images)
  3. May Not Fit My Idea (Doesn't Matter)
  4. Don't Worry About File Size
  5. Allow For Equal Value

Allow For A.D.D

Posting Images


  1. Check resolution (DPI), for blogger about 72 DPI
  2. Correct Color Mode (RGB)
  3. Has To Be Right File Extension (JPEG)

Friday, January 28, 2011


- Previous Experience
    -Sowtware - Adobe Photoshop CS5
    -Projects - Home Projects
    -Examples - Editing Sports
-Area Of Interest - Anything
-What To Learn - Not Sure
-Interest - Bmx, Editing, Photography, Filming, Music